Epiphanies of the Obvious

Have you ever had one of these? It’s when you not only have a stunning realization, but you also combine that with the equally stunning realization that you should have known this thing all along. It can be a very humbling experience.

The most common of these epiphanies of the obvious is some version of, “Wow. He’s just not into me.” I really hate those, because they come with a crashing wave of disappointment as it dawns on you that it’s time to move on. (And God, but I hate packing, even if it’s just a toothbrush.)

And then there are those moments when you finally figure out something that everyone else in the world has pretty much considered to be common sense. Every adolescent boy seems to experience this at least once, and it’s usually accompanied with great pain. It’s that “Now I see why it’s not a good idea to jump off the roof and into the hot tub” moment.

But while you’re having a good chuckle at other people’s real life version of America’s Funniest Videos, remember this: everyone has a head slapping moment occasionally. And you might just be overdue. So brace yourself.

…because it suddenly occurred to me that future generations may not grasp an old fashioned light bulb moment.

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4 thoughts on “Epiphanies of the Obvious

  1. Betti Thomasian

    I am on a roll with this constant revelation of the many ways in which ‘no man is an island.’ I have KNOWN this intuitively, like a bird knows it’s gotta fly, or a fish knows it’s gotta swim.

    But about 17 years ago I got to know my niece better – my brother’s oldest child – and she had a different perception, a different take on life than mine. Brought up independently, she relied quite frequently on herself to travel through life and make decisions. She had the self-confidence I lacked.

    Being the extremist I am, I went totally opposite in my head of the way I had viewed life — sucking up others’ ways/habits/personalities. (Clearly I had no boundaries. But that’s another story.) About six years ago, I had the epiphany: I could move on. AND I DID.

    So back to the circle I describe: now I’m constantly reveling in the knowledge of the ways we’re all connected.

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