Do You Feel Like You’re Being Watched?

As anyone who regularly reads my blog knows, I spend a great deal of time on my drawbridge, watching the world in minute detail. I know the routines of hundreds of people. I know who owns what dog. I know the cycles of the seasons, the migration patterns, and the angles of the sun at different times of the year. These things inspire this blog and my book.

Until today it never occurred to me that there are other people who do this—watch the world closely and quietly. I came across this article about a guy who just got a job at Target, and he writes about the things he observed on his first few days. He looks at his customers and describes them with humor and delight. I suspect that most people don’t even realize he’s observing them as he rings up their purchases.

Come to think of it, I bet there are a lot of watchers in this world besides bridgetenders. Bus drivers, security guards, waiters, cashiers, taxi drivers… Watching the world and thinking deeply about it is the best way on earth to avoid going insane with boredom. It’s also a wonderful way to learn and grow.

It makes me wonder how often I’m being scrutinized without my even being aware of it. No doubt it happens frequently. I don’t mind being studied in this benevolent fashion. How could I, when I do it all the time myself? But it makes me wonder what these observers are thinking, and what stories they write about me in their heads. It kind of makes me sad that I’m oblivious (mostly due to time constraints and shyness), because I suspect these people have some fascinating stories to tell.

Through the Magnifying Glass by LuzTapia

Check out some of my observations in book form!



8 thoughts on “Do You Feel Like You’re Being Watched?

  1. lyn sutton

    I’m afraid to think what story you’d write in your head if you were actually able to watch me in minute detail. You’ve probably created some colorful pictures of your regulars just based on their comments… maybe share them in your next book. I’d buy that one too.

  2. lyn sutton

    Don’t worry, you’ve just been transported to an alternate reality and it will take a bit to adjust.
    I figured you’d be in mourning today. I’ll be wearing black for the next four years. On the plus side black is slimming. 🙂
    Just trying to maintain a sense of humor so I don’t plunge into the black pit of despair that those who were blindsided are falling into.

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