A Single Flower

It had been raining for several days, and that wasn’t helping my already gloomy outlook. I can’t seem to shake off the fear and uncertainty that the most recent election has brought down upon the shoulders of many of us. It almost feels like I woke up on a different planet. I don’t know what to do. Does anyone?

I was looking out at the grey sky and the mud and muck and thinking those thoughts, when a flash of color caught my eye. Upon closer inspection, it was a single bloom on my extremely neglected azalea bush. (Hey, gimme a break. I’m a renter.)

Please understand. It’s November. It’s Seattle. We’ve gone weeks without seeing the sun. It’s been warmer than usual, yes, but it’s still cold at night. And yet here was this flower.

I must admit it was kind of a sad little flower. Lonely. Smaller than usual. A few petals were chewed on by bugs. But it persevered. A flash of fuchsia in an otherwise bleak landscape.

And I thought, if something like that can blossom in a place and time where, by all accounts, it should not thrive, then why can’t I? Maybe, just like that flower, I can break all the current rules, go against the flow, and add some contrast to a world that is becoming increasingly, drearily, monochrome.

It won’t be easy. I’ll probably feel a bit bedraggled with all the extra effort. But I’ll be here. So will you. And that makes me feel much better.

All alone and a bit chewed up, but she’s still here!

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