Adopting Older Pets

I just love puppies and kittens–when they belong to someone else. The chewing, the accidents, the level of hyperactivity is all just a bit much for me. No, give me a well-established dog or cat every time. I want a companion with a certain level of independence.

Another good thing about getting a full grown dog is you already know just how full grown he is going to be. No size surprises. And with both dogs and cats, it’s kind of nice to have a pet whose temperament is already evident.

And think about it. Here’s your chance to be a hero. It’s MUCH harder for shelters to place older animals with loving homes. Many of them die in these places for that very reason. Would you want to end your life in a cage, surrounded by other howling animals, scared and confused, with no one to love you? That’s my definition of hell.

And think of the huge deposit that would go into your karma bank! Somehow older pets seem more grateful for a forever home. It’s almost as if they know, on some level, that they just dodged the euthanasia bullet. (Quagmire, my hysterically clingy Dachshund that I adopted in his golden years, couldn’t agree more.) Older animals have a lot of love to give.

So if you’re thinking of getting a pet, don’t forget the seniors out there. They’re waiting for you. Calling your name. Crying out for help.


If you had an older dog, you could read to him. Check out my book.

4 thoughts on “Adopting Older Pets

  1. Love this post! You are absolutely right about this. We adopted 2 older Huskies, and they are AWESOME! No need for house training, they are already trained as sled-dogs, and our furniture survives intact (for the most part). Adopting an older dog is a great feeling! Especially when you look into those sweet eyes and see how grateful they are for the loving home you’ve provided ❤

  2. Brian

    My Jake is exactly that! And he’s healthier than I believe he has ever been. He may not be the Westminster best in show and has some issues (allergies and prone to ear infections) but he loves his life and my daughter and me.

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