The Back Scratcher and Other Encounters

When I created this blog, I had no idea how many incredible people it would bring into my life. When I’m typing away on my laptop, all alone, it can be easy to forget that my words aren’t just drifting off into the ether. People actually read them, and some are impacted by them. I’m really amazed and humbled by this.

The other day, in the space of about 5 minutes, I met two people. I walked into a coffee shop and this woman waved at me. I had never seen her before. I thought she must be waving at someone behind me. But no. She recognized me from one of my photos on my blog, and told me she reads it all the time and sometimes leaves comments. After she told me her name, I knew exactly who she was. Her comments are always great. For a second there, I felt like a rock star.

The second woman I had seen several times before, but we had never really talked in any depth. She told me she had read a blog entry of mine entitled Design Flaw, in which I discussed the frustration of not being able to scratch one’s own back. She had been carrying around this nifty retractable back scratcher in hopes of crossing paths with me. She gave it to me, and I’ve been using it ever since. It makes me smile to think that someone cares, based on a random rant I put out there. That means a lot. I mean, seriously, how unbelievably nice is that?

I also met a longtime reader and fellow blogger for coffee recently. When I do that sort of thing it makes my older sister nervous. But I’ve yet to have an uncomfortable experience. In fact, she was a delight to talk to, and I learned a lot about Seattle history.

I feel as though I have made friends all over the world, thanks to this blog. That’s really gratifying. I genuinely believe that the more people connect on a personal level, the more it becomes impossible for hate to win. I like the idea that I’m playing a part in that, however small it may be.

So, a group hug and a sincere thank you to everyone who is a part of Drawbridge Nation! I’m really glad you’re here, there, and everywhere.


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