Pink Slime Syndrome

I once watched a TV show featuring the charismatic chef, Jamie Oliver. He was trying to teach school children to eat healthier, so as to combat America’s chronic problem with childhood obesity. He was also trying to get school cafeterias to serve healthier food.

In this particular episode, he taught children how chicken nuggets are made. (Check out the clip here.)

Basically, they remove the expensive cuts of meat from the chicken, then they throw the carcass, bones, skin, connective tissue and all, into a massive blender. What comes out is this pink, pasty goo, much like the pink slime in beef that you’ve heard so much about. They form that into patties, bread it, fry it up, and there you have it. Chicken nuggets!

Gross, right? But here’s the scary part. He shows those kids the whole process, and they’re going, “Ewwwwww!” the entire time, but in the end, when Jamie asks them who would eat that, every single child raises his or her hand. Every. Single. One.

How is that even possible? That’s like forming a hamburger out of poop, and then watching someone not only eat it, but eat it with gusto! Denial on this level renders me speechless.

Although I’ll never understand it, at least it makes me realize that the Trump phenomenon isn’t new. I mean, he basically handed the American public a massive shitburger, topped with sexism and covered in a special racist sauce, with a side order of hate, and supersized it with a complete disregard for democracy, and they ate it.

Yup. What we are suffering from, dear readers, is a national case of Pink Slime Syndrome. The only difference is that those of us who don’t want to partake are being force fed as well. Bon appetit.

Chicken nuggets, deconstructed. Ewww…

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6 thoughts on “Pink Slime Syndrome

  1. Sam Ramirez

    I agree 100% Barb! But, as for being force fed Trump’s slime burger, I chose to refuse that bill of fare from the start. I’m too stubborn to be brainwashed or hynotized.

  2. Angiportus

    Tried some “mechanically separated” chicken once, but didn’t like it. No…texture. Sure glad I’m not a kid in school. But I eat canned chili w/o beans, and now I wonder.
    Recall hearing a 2nd grade teacher tell us about meat processing. She went thru every detail but skipped over the killing. I caught that omission and asked her how it was done. She said they just chopped the cow’s head off. That grossed me out but it didn’t stop me from eating meat. Nor did learning the truth. But now, I wish I could afford to get meat from the co-op or somewhere I can be sure they take better care with the hygiene.
    And the safety of the workers.

  3. lyn sutton

    Thanks for that yummy analogy and I haven’t had breakfast yet. 🙂

    This is why I read labels and question the ingredients of anything someone is selling me be it prepossessed food or prepackaged sociopolitical products. Of course this means effort and time protecting my diet by cooking from scratch and protecting my mind by researching the facts and questioning the source. Shouldn’t our health and freedoms come before our desires for convenience and entertainment? We blame others but does that help if we’re not owning our own contributions to the damage done? The solutions are there but we each have to make the individual sacrifices and changes required to clean up this mess. Yes it’s hard and not without consequences, but look at where taking the easy way out has gotten us. We can be forced or we can be the force. Either way, 2017 is going to be hard.

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