I had a wonderful dream last night. It was inauguration day, and as usual, Washington DC was packed with people. But when Donald Trump was about to be sworn in, more than half the crowd turned its back.

Can you imagine the impact that would have? It would be peaceful, yet visual. It would be impossible for the press to ignore. It would make a bold statement.

By giving Trump your back, you are saying that you do not stand with him. You do not respect his beliefs, policies or ideas any more than he respects most of yours. It’s a short and sweet criticism of a man whose attention span is no longer than the average tweet.

If this idea were to catch on, people would start turning their backs on him wherever he goes. People would begin standing outside the White House and Trump Tower with their backs toward them. He would no longer be able to maintain the illusion that he won by a landslide.

We have the numbers on our side. We have the masses. And if we showed this type of unity, we would be hard to ignore.

Let the whole world know that the average American does not stand for racism and hate and greed and sexism. We don’t stand for it, we don’t support it, and we won’t give this bullying narcissist the attention he so desperately desires.

So spread the word any way you can! #GiveTrumpBack


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7 thoughts on “#GiveTrumpBack

      1. I used to be the guy who left the most comments on every blog I followed. I found that out when wordpress did this end of the year post about your stats and people all told me I was their biggest comment leaver. Lately, with limited time, I have been feeling guilty about all the people who follow me that never even visit their blogs or comment. So I have been trying to spread myself thinner. That means less time for each blog. But I have sort of started to keep track of how many comments people leave on my blog, and match that, more or less. It is a two-way street sort of thing.

      2. It must be stressful, keeping score like that. But I guess it would be stressful if comment leaving became a chore. I don’t comment much, unless the spirit really moves me. That an doing a daily blog plus work is, well, work. So I feel you there. So I’ll just say I do appreciate every comment you make, and leave it at that. 🙂

      3. I appreciate that. I just ended up feeling like I was leaving way more comments than I was getting on some blogs, and leaving way less on others… the guilt is getting too me.

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