Glutton Free

Since I’ve come to Seattle, I’ve noticed that a lot of people here are quite dedicated to having a gluten free diet. I’m not here to discuss the pros and cons of such a decision, but I do give kudos to people who take their health seriously. I’m not quite to that gluten free stage yet. Baby steps.

I’m still focused on becoming glutton free. I try to avoid buffets, because I generally overeat in an attempt to get my money’s worth, and then I leave there feeling slightly sick. This is not self-kindness. (But every now and then I can’t resist going to the Chinese buffet down the street to graze like a bovine. Rules were meant to be broken.)

I also tend to eat my anger. Piss me off and I can go through an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s Triple Caramel Chunk in one sitting. And before sending out for pizza, I need to learn to check in with myself and figure out if I’m fuming. I don’t know why I think that punishing my body is the best way to deal with my fury at an external source, but there you have it.

I must say that I am doing a lot better than I once did. I rarely have fast food. I do go for organic and local food whenever possible. Even though I tend to pinch pennies at the grocery store, I have given myself a free ride when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Money is no object in the produce section, and farmers’ markets are the one place in my world where I don’t even second guess my urges. The healthier the better, and prices be damned.

I’ve also moved more toward vegetarianism. I’d say that my “meatless Mondays” happen about 4 days a week now. But I must admit I still love a good burger every once in a while.

In terms of gluttony in other areas of my life, I think I’m doing better with each passing year. I really have very little desire to accumulate “stuff” anymore. In fact, I’m making great strides in getting rid of things. This is primarily because I’m sick of lugging all my junk from pillar to post. What good does it do me?

I’m much more interested in experiences these days, rather than possessions. A good memory means much more to me than a tchotchke. I chafe at the idea of even one more item that requires dusting.

So, I’m working really hard on the sin of gluttony. Next, I probably should tackle the sin of sloth.

Nah. Maybe tomorrow.

Georg Emanuel Opiz der Voller, 1804

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