Two Ships Passing

About two years ago, I was getting out of my car and heading to work when this guy walked past and remarked that I have the coolest job on earth. And I do. Bridgetending is unique and fun and (usually) stress-free. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

But, work, schmerk. This guy was good looking, age appropriate, and interested in me! I thought about him the rest of the day. I figured we’d cross paths again, and if we did, I’d come up with a way to give him my number. So I started looking for him.

I looked for him for months to no avail. I was kicking myself for not giving him contact info at that first encounter. I’m just not that quick on the uptake. Things have to percolate. You know?

Fast forward to the present. I’m getting out of my car again, and there he is. He said it was really good to see me again and that he’d seen me through the window a lot. Neither one of us had a pen, and my name isn’t easy to remember, and my boss was shouting out the window to me, so time was rather short. So I told him about my daily blog, saying I’d love his feedback on it. I repeated “The View from a Drawbridge” to him several times, and sent out a silent prayer that he won’t forget and will follow through.

Who knows. Maybe he’s reading this right now. If so, for the love of GOD, use my contact form on my blog’s front page to say hello!!!

Barring that, I’m thinking of making a sign with my blog’s name and putting it on the side of my car. What do you think, guys? Too stalker-ish? Too desperate?


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2 thoughts on “Two Ships Passing

  1. Nope.. this is 2017. Shout it out. Even a dense guy will get the message. If HE has let it percolate and is quicker on the uptake then you will hear from him… if not,nothing lost And you got a wonderful blog post.

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