Am I Getting Through to You?

In the extremely polarized world in which we now live, I often suspect that I am preaching to the choir. I write this blog every day, and I’m usually discussing things that I feel very strongly about. Lately I wonder if this is turning into one long political rant. I fear I’m starting to sound shrill.

Have I changed anyone’s mind about anything? I doubt it. The very people who need to read this blog are the very ones who never will. That frustrates the hell out of me.

But there are a few things that give me comfort. I have been told that I sometimes approach topics from unique angles. This gives people a new perspective, and another way to support their own arguments.

I’m also told that I occasionally voice opinions that others are hesitant to speak out loud. I’m known for sticking my neck out when others will not. That often gets me into trouble, but just as often I am privately thanked for it.

More than anything else, I like the idea that many of these blog posts will be floating around cyberspace long after I’m gone. People in the future will read them with the benefit of hindsight. They’ll either think that I was on the right side of history, or that I was very misguided. Either way, they’ll know that I had convictions, and that I stuck to them.

I’m proud of this blog, even if you’re not reading it! So there!


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2 thoughts on “Am I Getting Through to You?

  1. Barb…..reminding you again to use “tags” such as “Seattle,” so that your blog post will go up on a WordPress Reader page and more people will see your posts. Explore other tags — maybe WordPress has other tags you could use such as activism? politics? dogs? animal care? self care?

    1. I do tag it as Seattle when I’m writing about Seattle, Valarie. I just don’t want to mislead people to read a post that has nothing to do with their particular interest. I’m averaging 83 views a day, so I’m doing rather well. It’s just that I’m, of course, only getting readers who already agree with me most of the time.

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