I admire dedication. For instance, when I watch the rowing crews practicing in the pouring rain in the dead of Seattle winter, I think, “Wow. I could never do that.”

But that’s not true. I could do that, I suppose. But would I? Hell no. I like warmth. And if I can’t have warmth, I certainly don’t want to throw wetness and sweat into the mix. Who does that, if they’re in their right mind?

I’m also in awe of people who dedicate their entire lives to a single cause. I don’t have that clarity of purpose. And I’m easily bored. There. I said it.

Jeez. Now I’m feeling all lazy and stuff.

But here’s the thing. (Yes, there’s always a thing.) Dedication, when you have it, doesn’t feel like some heavy suitcase that you’re forced to lug around with you wherever you go. It’s as natural as breathing. I suspect that most dedicated people don’t even give that dedication much thought.

For example, I’m dedicated to giving my dog a forever home where he’ll feel safe and loved until the end of his days. That could be viewed as an overwhelming responsibility, I suppose, if you’re not a dog person, but I can’t imagine my life without Quagmire, and there’s nothing I’d rather do than give him the life he deserves.

I’m also dedicated to maintaining my integrity, even in times when that feels awkward. I’m often the one who will speak up when others won’t. It gets me into trouble. It can be stressful. But to do otherwise would feel wrong to me.

You, dear reader, are also dedicated. Whatever your reason for being may be, it comes so naturally to you that you’ll probably have trouble coming up with examples of your dedication. But trust me, it’s there. And I find that admirable.

Thank you!


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