The day I wrote this, we had 60 mph wind gusts in Seattle. Isn’t nature amazing? I watched as someone’s umbrella turned inside out as they crossed the bridge. Think about that for a minute. A completely invisible force had the power to physically alter an object. That very same completely invisible force had the power to make me snicker.

Wind has always fascinated me. Benjamin Franklin used to take air baths, naked. Womanizer though he was, I would have had a crush on him. I totally see the appeal. The right kind of wind can embrace you.

There’s nothing better than a cool breeze in the sweltering tropics. And I love the (usually mild) summer winds in Seattle. I like to sleep with the windows open and let them caress me all night long. And blustery days can be rather exciting.

But when you add cold and/or water into the mix, it’s not nearly as fun. I don’t think I’m alone when I say I could do without ever living through another hurricane, thankyouverymuch. And the time the tree blew down in my back yard and went right through my neighbor’s 2nd story window, missing him by mere inches? That was no picnic, either.

Wind can be passionate or refreshing or cruel or hectic or soothing. And you don’t get to choose. But that’s kind of comforting. I like the idea that there’s a force out there that I don’t need to, and couldn’t possibly, control. That’s just as it should be.


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5 thoughts on “Wind

      1. lyn sutton

        Or under it, but hopefully not down wind of it. 🙂

        My favorite type of wind gusts from the heart of the ocean and carries with it a crisp salty spray. Not sure I’d take an air bath in it though.

  1. Angiportus

    In our building we get free music, courtesy of the wind. I think it’s neat. Now if people would just get busy and figure out more ways to get power from it.
    The grating forming the deck of our bridges, so diaphanous-looking, provides a bit less wind resistance than the cement that some folks want to replace it with. Which leads to my next subject change/thread derail–we’ve got a couple centennials coming up. Ballard this December and Fremont earlier (managed to misplace the dates…yours will be in ’19.) Any ideas what your people are going to do to mark these occasions?

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