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I have been working on drawbridges since 2001. It’s a wonderful job, mostly relaxing, with a light sprinkling of white knuckle terror to keep things interesting. Mostly, though, it gives you a lot of time to think and observe the world. This blog is my opportunity to share those thoughts and observations with you. There will be no fixed topic per se, but I hope  you will find it interesting. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject!

66 thoughts on “Welcome to The View from a Drawbridge!

      1. Were you working bridges when the IBEW Local 177 represented the operators? Sadly, do to high turnover and lack of interest, the Union was decertified. Last year, we won an election with the Duval School Maintenance Workers. Negotiated a good contract they haven’t seen in ages. If you think theirs enough interest to get over 50% to vote, contact us.

      2. I was indeed, and was a member myself. But when our pay is so abysmally low, it’s hard to convince someone to pay dues, especially when we would be included in your mailing list with electricians, who were complaining about earning 3 times as much, so we didn’t feel we were being prioritized. But I’ll keep my ear to the ground.

  1. Sorry about the past. Could I ask how many operators are left? The IBEW came around just as more high rise bridges replaced draw bridges, so you are a rare bird!

      1. That’s a lot more than I would have ever guessed. BTW your ‘dead letter file’ was a good read. ROFL when I read “you should try it some time”, I like your prose.

  2. Tiny Troll

    Huge smiles… As I sit in a tower, listening to the hum of tires on span grates, the rattle of window screens due to SCA winds, and security announcements from various ships; I surf the internet and find YOU!

    From one late 40’s, December born, ever pondering tender to another; Happy Holidays!

    Tiny Troll

  3. Barbara

    just came back from Panama vity. Ted took me there. better beaches. Economy 60 per cent tourist dependent. If yoi rent, it will be a minimum of 3 days. Ted bought the 30 floor of hotels, it was in the 22nd floor. beach crowds in at 6:30
    binge in thai food, plus macdonalds.
    ted went back to atlanta, Nic comes in from camp. Allison, came from Paris France, for a computeer lecture.

    love you

  4. Barbara, i have some book reviews ready to roll. Novels from the Phil, histories, etc.we use to hae
    a blog, titled Sanrokan.com. Some of my reviews have come of Ameerasia journals.
    cheer s from max.

  5. Barabara, if your bridge job there pays, I would have adventured with you. To me
    Seattle has historic possibilities. A good size Filipino population. A city which has attracted them
    because of its proximity to the Alaskan canneries. Fred and Dorothy Cordova are Filipino
    leaders there., Ftred founded a national filam assn which concentrates on history.

  6. lolakarpenka

    Very nice blog, thank you :)) I am a movement artist and currently working on a project LIFE IS A BRIDGE, which contains interactive performances on bridges…Having read this blog I decided to become a bridgetender :)))

  7. max

    Back from a 1.5 vacation in Nebraska. Did I tell you that is where we lived before Florida. My sister
    who conquered a breast cancer, has diabetes. I had fun, walking behind their house, in a
    bike trail, A lot of walkers of all ages, including bikers, children, senior citizens like me.

    Will go to San Diego Univ of the Phil reunion Oct9-11. More later. My first time to visit San Diego,
    been to Anaheim ages ago, another Univ of the Phil reunin.


  8. paclasan

    December 7 is the natal day of another HRS friend. She Jayne Posey who is an administrator
    of her program. Do you by any chance remember her?

  9. maximo p fabella

    To amuse myself I go to O Park library 3 times a week. At other days, I play pool by Locals
    bar in Wells road, or do karaoke there on Saturday, else I am at 57th Heaven a bar,Blanding and wells road. I usually find ladies to dance there

    1. maximo p fabella


      by Lorraine Carr

      Sherbourne Press, Inc Los Angeles CA 1966 254 pp

      Reviewed by Maximo P Fabella

      This book is the work of an American doctors wife. They stayed 5 years in the Philippines. It

      Its style is highly evocative, and depicts with both irony and and tenderness that could come

      only from intimacy of her subject. The paradox and myths and class superstitions of the

      human conditons in the country.

      She integrates into her sense of milieu the harsh and simple human fact. Faithfully records t

      he contrast and conflict of innocence and brutal calculation in the way Filipinos relate

      to each other.

      This is a book of artt and high intelligence. Its autobiographical l aspect

      does as pure literature. It is a faithful document as seen through the vision of a foreigner,

      of the Philippines immediately after World War II. Her husband, Dr. William “Huddy” was

      assigned to the Philippines. Here is from the second chapter. “All was quiet. Suddenly I flet a

      cold, clammy-like object crawling up my leg. Heavens! Was it a python? I let out a blood

      curldling. scream and lunged right through the mosquito net.” My bedfellow turned out

      to be a little gecko, a wee lizard that was nudging my leg rather kittenish like. For Mrs. Respecio

      the lizard was bidding me welcome to the islands.

      ” I woke early, my second morning in the Philippines for strange sounds had wafted through my

      window.. I heard t he whack of the paddle as the lavandera washed and spanked the wed

      sheet to a snowy whiteness, the creaking wheels of a caratella as the people drove to market,

      a puto vendor carrying bamboo pole, danging at each end a bamboo basket filled with

      tiny parcels wrapped in banana leaves. This is the beginning of a new day in this fascina

      ting land. The vegetable vendor carrying a bamboo pole, dangling at each end was a basket f

      illed with tiny parcels wrapped in banana leaves (rice cakes? The polishing a mahogany floor

      with a coconut husk.
      Despite the hardships , Nino had a happy disposition. He sat under the Manog and shined

      shoes for the family and sang as he worked. The schools reopened, December 1946. There

      were not books except mimeographed copies, for all books were burned by the japanese

      during the occupaation.

      Author observed the girls were beautifully mannered, so artistic

      and with such zest for living. It was a joy and privllege to entertain them.

      She found Quiapo market and a fish, vegetable sections. She had to get use to


      Family transferred to the US embassy compound. They had chance to visit Corregidor.

      To see Malinta tunnel, Fort Drum, Mills and Hughes. Their first Christmas was a typhoon.

      They lived in a quonset hut. They visited Mindanao, Zanboanga and a Basilan coconut

      plantation. They visited Cebu, and Iloilo..> They visited an American pawnborker with a side trip

      Culasi, Antique.

      There were natural calamites. Mayon volcano erupted, there was a typhoon’


      and a flood. There was the “The shower of Rose in Lipa. They visited goo, La

      Union for the curative powers of a well, a sure of rheumatism. They observed cockfighting..

      They visited Baguio and the rice terraces. Witnessed a canao feast. The author has visited

      and seen more of the islands than this reviewer. A highly recommended book.

      Maximo P Fabella, was a professor of history at the University of the East. Trained hin
      history at the University of the Philippines. He has reviewed for Amerasia journal
      other journals.


      1. Hi Max! Well done. I don’t know if you are having this published in a forum that would prefer you not share it in a public forum such as this one? Let me know, and I’ll take it down. Remember, e-mail is private. This space is not.

      2. Barbara:

        I have several book reviews published. I just want a forum. One, LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL
        is about prostitution, the Philippines, Thailand and Japan. I have seen them in person.

        Let me share. Before the US bases were removed, the US and others stated that jobs
        will be lost in the Phil. I went to see Sangley Point base. More jobs were created. A
        computer company assembles, ACER computersl I saw the factory.
        We also drove through a new road that connected Clark Air Force base to the
        Sangley Point naval base.

        One place I send my reviews to is Mabuhay Radio.Com. Earlier, it was Sanrokan.
        come. This is website of people who are from Romblon province.

        If things work out, I am preparing books #3 and book # 4. Basically, it would consist
        of published articles, book reviews and others. Some of the reviews were published
        in fugitive magazines. The articles would include lectures. Like the one delivered
        ne New York City.

        Merry Christmas and take care.


  10. Stephen Spring

    Hi Barbara, glad I got to see what you do on here. This is my first time visiting a blog….. I guess I’m a little behind the times. Stephen

  11. max maimo p fabella


    I need your guiding hand. I have a review of THE AQUINOS OF TARLAC at Mabuhay Radio.com
    I will type another book after lunch.


  12. Kip

    Hey, thank you for the link excellent work and already going through your archive. Found an interesting story about a guy called Kip who gets stuck in a window, I laughed so hard, almost as hard as when I was stuck in that window, I had forgotten about that. This inspires me

  13. maximo p fabella

    barbara: weather getting better. there was a celebration. music/noise and crowd.
    i still do not drive. if i did, i got to jax landing for R and R. we have book project,
    will molst likely ask for informatio/etc.

    frolm maximo

  14. maximo p fabella

    I miss you / remember jax landing/ not so hot now, jewish owner, not willing to put in
    more monies

    besos from maximus

  15. n o n e

    will stay 1 mo. in lincln neb. with my older sistee.
    one week in atanda wih my grandson NIC

    show how to set up a website?

  16. maximo p fabella

    Barb jax has not chnage much. corrine brown, and ex vice gov, black got intro trouble, carriol
    and carol (gyusband) an office each to sell \influences. she had to resign from vice gov.s position


  17. Barb:

    Am exploring Reprinting PORTABLE RIZALREADER:Selected Esssays and Poems
    exploring possibily pf a separate

    wish me luck

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